Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games in history. Having started out as an obsession by a French mathematician, roulette has grown into a game which has been sought after by players from around the world. So much so is the case that when the online gaming industry was developed, online casinos ensured that one of the first games to be included among their database was of course the game of roulette.

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Online casinos such as casino New Zealand and Party Casino are now offering their players two versions of roulette; the virtual games and the live roulette. But before being able to go into further detail on how each one is played online, players must be well aware of the standard rules and regulations and its development as one of the leading casino games. Although in past years there were many games which were based on wheels, it was the invention of a wheel which could rotate on its own axis that led to the creation of roulette as we know it. Players would stand around the wheel and place bets based on what they would think would be the winning number of symbol as indicated by the ball spinning within the wheel. Initially this roulette wheel was marked with Es and Os which represented Even and Odd numbers. But due to its lack of competition, a couple of French brothers decided to give the game of roulette that extra edge and gave it numbers from one to thirty six as well as a single zero (0) which represented a house edge. Unfortunately however roulette was banned from many European countries including France, where it was produced, causing the game to be exported to various other countries around the world including America. It was then, in America, that the game of roulette was given some additional features which have now been added to the standard rules and regulations of the game. Such rules include the fact that although all numbers on the wheel were coloured either red or black, the zero figure was coloured green in order to give it a distinction from all other numbers. Although American roulette added an additional zero figure (the double zero (00)), it the European roulette otherwise call the single zero roulette that is the most popular among European. There were other variants of roulette which were later introduced such as French roulette and this may also be found among land based and online casinos alike. More often than not, the live roulette found among online casinos such as the live casino New Zealand, is based on the European roulette while all virtual casino games which have included roulette have also intertwined the possibility of players choosing a series of various variants of this game to be played with automated dealers. But no matter the type of game played whether in a real environment or online, players would be expected to follow the same rules and regulations as any standard roulette game. This is also to be expected when players are playing other popular table and card games such as Blackjack and Baccarat.

The main objective of any roulette game is for players to place bets on a particular numbered roulette table layout in the hopes that their bets include the winning number. The winning number on the other hand determined by the spinning ball which is spun within the already spinning roulette wheel. Therefore in order for a successful game of roulette to take place, what is needed is the following: a numbered roulette wheel, a small white ball, a roulette table layout and of course some kind of dealer to set the ball and wheel spinning. Usually a specific amount of time is given to the players in order to place their bets on the table. But it is important to note that in order to comply with the responsible gaming implementations, players would need to abide by the table limits which would determine the minimum and maximum bets allowed per round of roulette. Once the time has expired, then no more bets will be accepted as the ball has begun to spin within the roulette wheel. Once the ball has landed in a numbered pocket within the wheel, this will then reveal the winning numbers. Players will then receive their winnings based on the bets they would have placed and the odds which comprise such bets. There are a series of roulette bets which a play may make but these are primarily divided into two main categories; inside and outside bets. As mentioned earlier, the table layout is divided into numbered boxes based on the same numbers within the wheel. These are numbers from one to thirty six with the zero figures at the top of all numbers. The rest of the numbers are divided in three columns of twelve numbers each in numerical order. These same numbers are colour coded corresponding to the same numbers within the wheel. Inside bets will refer to any bets which are placed in the actual numbered boxes whether a player places a bet directly on a single number, or divides his bet between a series of adjacent numbers. These pay the highest odds, but one must remember that the more a bet is divided among number, the less the payout. On the other hand, outside bets are bets placed on the marked boxes around the roulette layout which will indicate a series of grouped numbers such as black or red numbers, odd or even numbers. These pay out an odd of one to one.

Although there are a series of strategies which players may make use of when playing roulette, this is one of those casino games which is based on luck of the draw. Although this may be true, this game has not ceased to attract the interest of players from all over the globe and of various gaming levels. It is a fairly easy game to understand and play and whenever someone things of a casino, it is this games which is the first to come to mind.