Live Roulette

With the extensive increase in technology available to us, there are certain industries which will depend on that same technology in order to provide unique and exclusive services to people from all over the world. One such service is the ability to play in actual casinos without the need to leave the comfort of one’s home. At first glance, certain players may find this nearly impossible, however online casinos such as the live casino New Zealand has ensured a method in which this is made possible.

The internet has opened up new doors for global communication and thus the ability to communicate with other people who are not actually in the same room has become a thing of the past. But it was only until recent years that online casinos such as the casino New Zealand have established a means for players to play their favourite casino games with actual dealers. For starters there are a series of variations to any live game. There are those whereby the live dealers are located within actual land based casinos and those which are located within a casino studio. Although their transmissions may be somewhat different the same rules will apply to a live game as would one within a land based casino. For further details on how live blackjack is played in this method, information will be provided in another chapter. However live roulette, being one of the oldest table games in casino history is played in the exact same manner and method as one would in any other casino venue. But before providing information on how live roulette is played, players must note that they would need to create a casino accounts with the preferred casino New Zealand. The reason for this is due to the fact that in order to provide a real live environment of live roulette, real money play would need to take place. Therefore players would need to go through a brief and easy registrations process. Once they have successfully activated and topped up their account through the various payment methods, they may then proceed to playing live roulette. As is the case with any other casino venue, there are a series of tables to choose from depending on the wagering limits applied. Thus a player may choose any live roulette table he desires based on the minimum and maximum betting limits he prefers. Then, with one simple click of a button, a new screen will open up to reveal a standard live roulette layout on which online casino players will be expected to place their bets as well as a smaller screen revealing the live roulette transmission from wherever the dealer is located.

In order to have a successful game of live roulette, the main objects which are needed are a roulette wheel, a small white ball which is to be spun within the already spinning roulette wheel and a roulette table layout. More often than not, most live roulette games are offered as European roulette. This means that it is based on one of the first formed roulette games in history that utilises the single zero. In the past a zero figure was implemented in order to provide the house with an advantage. This figure will be included on both the live roulette wheel as well as the table layout. As such as the layout of the numbers within the live roulette wheel from one to thirty six alternate between the colours black and red apart from the zero which is green. Although these numbers are not placed in numerical order within the wheel, they are done so on the table. The live roulette table layout will include the numerical order of the numbers from one to thirty six in three columns by three rows each (a total of twelve numbers per column). Any bet placed within this numbered table layout in live roulette is referred to as an inside bet. On the other hand, there are also additional bets which may be made and these are called outside bets. In these cases, players would place their bets on the marked boxes around the main layout which purposely group a series of numbers together. For example some outside bets include all red numbers, all black numbers, all odds and all evens. But it is important to note that in the case of live roulette – as is also the case with land based casino roulette – the more a bet is split between numbers the less the payout odds. Therefore once the live roulette player has entered the live roulette screen, they are given a period of time in order to select and place their bets. As more often than not, the players’ entire balance is transferred to the live roulette balance, it is up to the player to select from a series of chips in order to place on the table. In the case of a one-to-one live roulette game, the player is only able to see his own bets being placed on the onscreen imitation table. Once the time has then expired, the online casino player may then divert his attention to the live roulette transmission screen whereby the dealer will begin by spinning the roulette wheel and then the small white ball within. After a few seconds, the result of live roulette will be determined by the ball landing within one of the numbered roulette wheel slots. If a player has managed to place a bet on this number then the winnings are immediately transferred into the player’s account.

The online casino player is able to clearly see the actions and results of such a live game as the camera which is transmitting the live broadcast will zoom in and out between a bird’s eye view of the whole roulette table and the wheel. In this manner, although the player is playing via the internet, they will still be able to get the feel that they are located within the casino itself. So much so that all live games take place in real time and none may be repeated or pre-recorded.