Live Blackjack

Blackjack is by far one of the most well known and well heard of card games in casino history. Therefore it was only a matter of time that with the introduction of online casinos, blackjack would be among the first games to be included among their casino games. With this new development in the game, it was also only inevitable that it would also reach the homes of players located within New Zealand. With online casinos such as the casino New Zealand and the live casino New Zealand, players are able to play blackjack in two main variations; live and virtual. However it is by far the live blackjack that has grasped the attention of players worldwide due to the realistic nature of the game and the exclusive opportunity players are provided with to playing with real live dealers.

In order to begin a more detailed explanation in the method in which live blackjack is played, players must firstly understand how this is even made possible. Live blackjack means live play in real time with actual dealers. Therefore so as to make this a reality, live transmissions would need to be transferred from the location of the dealer to players’ computers. Thanks to the internet and the possibility for global communication, this has become an easy procedure. Cameras located within the same room of the casino dealers will directly be connected with the online casino providing live blackjack. These cameras will zoom in and out according to the sequence of events while the live blackjack game is being dealt. Therefore with a quick connection to the internet, players from any computer anywhere in the world are allowed to see the transmission and play live blackjack simultaneously. But one thing must be clearly understood and that is the fact that online casino browser are not allowed access to the live blackjack game unless they have created and logged into their casino account. The reason for this as live blackjack is not being offered in free play with free virtual credit as this will defy the purpose of live game play. Therefore it is only with online casino players’ actual money balances that they are able to play and participate in live blackjack; thus adding the real casino feel they desire. So, once the registration process has been completed and players place their desired deposits within their accounts, they may then proceed to accessing the live blackjack game. Depending on the collaboration the casino New Zealand has made with the live blackjack provide, this may entails certain players to download a small amount of additional software in order to make the streaming process of the live transmission that much faster. However there are other providers which simply require players to have JavaScript or Adobe flash player in order to play live blackjack. Either way, once the software is made available, players will then be given a selection of tables to choose from.

As is the case with any blackjack game within any casino venues, live blackjack offers players a series of tables to choose from based on the table limits which suit them the most. Therefore ranging from various maximum and minimum betting limits, any player no matter their live blackjack experience is able to select the appropriate game for them. It is important however that players abide by these limits as the internal system will not allow them to go over and above or below such said limits. Once the selection has been made, players will then be diverted to a separate screen where the live blackjack is taking place. Online casino players will be provided with an imitation blackjack table on which they would need to place their online bets while a smaller screen will be providing the live transmission of the dealers dealing the cards. The main objective of the live blackjack is for players to place a number of bets on any or all the designated areas located in front of them in the hopes that their hand produces a blackjack (a total of twenty one points) or at least a value higher than the dealer’s hand without it exceeding twenty one. In order to calculate the value of the cards, players would need to add them up by following this simple pattern: all face cards which are the King, Queen and Jack as well as the number 10 card have a total value of ten points each; the Aces which are by far the most important, can either comprise of eleven or one point depending on the player’s decision or the cards which are dealt before and after it. All other cards are valued at their face value whereby for example the 9 card has a value of nine points; the 2 card has a value of two points and so on and so forth. Now the trickiest part of live blackjack is the decision making process which players would need to make in order to be supplied with additional cards if they wish to reach their main goals. But this is also the process which differentiates certain live blackjack game rules to others.

In the case where a live transmission is taking place from within a land based casino, the dealers are not only dealing for the benefit of online players alone but the actual land based casino players also. Therefore without providing a limit to the total number of online players who may play the same game of live blackjack, it makes it highly impossible for each and every single online casino players to communicate with the dealers and let them know of their decisions. So, it is up to the dealer to follow certain strict rules and regulations in order to provide players with their cards. On the other hand, should the live blackjack transmission be taking place from within a casino studio where the dealer is purposely in place for the benefit of online casino players alone, they are able to form some sort of communication with the dealer through a series of options on their screens.