Live Baccarat

Baccarat, meaning zero, was given its name due to the fact that the highest face cards all have a value of zero during the play of this ever growing popular card game. Throughout history the game itself was passed onto various countries all over the world being featured in casino cities such as Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Macau. However with the growing difficulties of today’s economy, players of this game are unable to travel as often as they would like to land based casinos in order to sit at a Baccarat table. Therefore online casinos such as casino New Zealand developed a way for which these players can sit at their computers and play with actual dealers without losing the real casino feel they desire.

Live baccarat was only recently introduced thanks to the development of the online gaming industry. Although online games were already available there were none that came close to live baccarat. But before being able to go into the details of how live baccarat is played, potential players of an online casino New Zealand must first understand the method in which this is made possible. Through the collaboration of online casinos with a land based casino or casino studio, they are able to present games such as live baccarat with actual dealers whose actions are broadcasted over the internet. Cameras are fixed either above or in front of a live baccarat table wherever the dealers may be located, and this will transmit a live feed in real time to online casino players’ computer screens. But on order for players to access a live baccarat game, they would need to log into a pre-existing personal casino account. The reason for this is due to the fact that in order to add to the real live baccarat feel, players would need to play with their own online casino balance. Although a free New Zealand casino does not require players to do so, the live casino New Zealand does not offer live baccarat in free mode. Once they have logged into their account and topped it up with the necessary fund, players may then continue on to select a live baccarat which suits them best. As is the case with land based casinos, a variety of tables of live baccarat are being presented to players in order for them to choose based on the maximum and minimum betting limits they can afford. So without further hesitation once the table has been selected, the player will then be transferred to a new screen where the live baccarat game can take place. The main screen will be made up of an imitation table of an actual live baccarat game where players are expected to place their bets in the form of chips. The value of the chips may be selected from the bottom of the screen in exchange of a certain amount in their balance. This balance may either be transferred automatically upon entering the live baccarat game or automatically depending on whether or not the online casino has utilised a seamless wallet. A specific amount of time is then given to the player to place his bets on the live baccarat table within the indicated boxes before the dealer begins dealing the cards.

Live Baccarat is played following the exact same rules and regulations as any standard casino baccarat game. Although in some countries the game is given other names such as Punto Banco the objective remains the same. In front of the dealer, or in this case on the live baccarat imitation table, the players is given a series of boxes on which they may choose to place their bets on one or all the marked boxes. These are marked as Player, Banker and Tie. The main boxes within which the two first cards are dealt are Player and Banker while Tie is provided in the case that the player believes the value of the two main hands is equal. The main objective of live baccarat is for players to place their bets within the designated time frame in any of the marked boxes trying to predict which hand has the highest value in cards. The calculation of the cards; values is simple to do in live baccarat. All picture cards as well as the number 10 card have a value of zero points each. All other cards are then calculated at their face value whereby the ace is one point, the number 9 card has nine points and so on and so forth. It is important to note that when adding the cards up in live baccarat that there are no two digit numbers but only singular. In the case that the cards add up to a two digit figure, it is only he last number which is taken into consideration. For example, in live baccarat if the two cards are a six and a five, this will normally add up to eleven. In live baccarat this will be considered a hand value of one (the last digit of eleven). Although this may seem overwhelming at first, live baccarat is actually a fast and easy game to play and has been sought after by aristocracy for a number of years due to its high roller nature. But this is not that entails live baccarat as it is the dealing of the cards that can prove to be slightly more complex. There are a series of rules and regulations the dealer would need to follow within live baccarat in order for them to deal out the cards correctly. Each Player and Banker hand is dealt two cards each and depending on this cards, a third card may or may not be added to the hand. But this is not a reason to be put off by baccarat as it is one of the easiest games to play as the probability is that of fifty to fifty.

Any winnings which are then obtained by this game of baccarat will automatically and immediately be given out to the player electronically in the form of chips. The online casino player will then be given the opportunity to either select to cash out his winnings and transfer them back into his balance or simply continue playing with those same chips.